Have you read “Ordering from the Cosmic Kitchen”?

We’d love to know your thoughts & comments about the book, and if and how you used it to make the changes you wanted in your life.

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  1. Ordering From the Cosmic Kitchen is an entertaining read that is full of valuable information about how to remodel your life by remodeling your thinking. Patricia does a lovely job of describing how to use positive affirmations to shift your thinking. I found the affirmations listed at the end of each themed chapter (money, relationships, housing, etc) to be helpful guides for creating my own personal affirmations. Thank you Patricia for making a learning experience so much fun. ~Richard Allen, Valley Center, CA

  2. Ordering From the Cosmic Kitchen gives such a clear and easy to understand process about how to create the life you want. Kerry Jeffery, HYL Coach Australia.

  3. Ordering from the Cosmic Kitchen gave my daily affirmation routine a huge boost!! It helped me to fully understand the process of Manifestation in a very easy to follow and easy to use way. This book is a practical tool for anyone looking to create more wealth, health and happiness in their lives. Thank You Patricia for this amazing book and for your amazing insights!!! Nicole Stevenson, HYL Workshop Leader, Canada

  4. I thought I knew everything there was to know about affirmations until I read Ordering From the Cosmic Kitchen. It is so well written and well set out which makes it an easy and inspiring read, and I recommend it to anyone who wants greater flow and joy in any area of their lives. Thank you Patricia.
    Deb Fay
    Heal Your Life Workshop Leader Australia

  5. I love a book and I have got to say that Ordering from the Cosmic Kitchen is on my list of favourites. This is one book that I would never part with. This book is fun and full of words of wisdom. I wish for everyone to have a copy so that they can really learn how to start affirming for all their good. Deb London UK

  6. Just this past summer I sat out in my backyard on a beautiful summer day and enjoyed reading ” Ordering from the Cosmic Kitchen”, I couldn’t put this book down. What a fantastic read! Loved it!!! Heidi Martin, Ancaster, Ontario

  7. Anna Smith says:

    I loved Patricia’s book, Ordering From The Cosmic Kitchen! It was very easy to read and gives a great tool for putting affirmations into place in your daily life. This book will definitely be one of my ‘Go To Resources’ to help people understand affirmations and Law of Attraction. Thank you Patricicia 🙂
    Anna Smith
    Heal Your Life Workshop Leader
    Louisville, KY

  8. Patricia’s book was very enlightening. It is an easy read, to the point and makes affirmations easy and fun. The book really helped me get focused on a new story for my life! Thanks Patricia

  9. I enjoyed the positive uplifting affirmations in Ordering From the Cosmic Kitchen. It has practical tools in learning the importance of positive thinking. The book is inspiring and my favorite affirmation is “I am a Money Magnet!”

  10. In addition to being an international workshop leader, Patricia, is committed to helping others achieve their dreams. Her book, ‘Ordering from the Cosmic Kitchen’, provides clear, simple, guidance to developing and using affirmations. Use the principles and you are sure to move closer toward your dreams.

  11. Margit Anderson says:

    “Ordering From the Cosmic Kitchen” is light and airy and a joy to read. Yet in its simplicity and metaphoric style….Patricia gifts us with much wisdom and teaches us the importance of positive thinking. Her book provides clear, simple lessons and support for developing and using affirmations which will change your life.

  12. Superna Yamuna Chopra says:

    Simple yet powerful…is how I would describe this wonderful book.Easy and effortless to read yet very deep.The metaphor of the “cosmic kitchen” is so apt and has been carried through as a theme so effortlessly. A “must-have” for anybody on the spiritual path or even aspiring to get on one.

    In gratitude

    Superna Yamuna Chopra

    Heal Your Life workshop leader

  13. I love your book “ordering from the Cosmic Kitchen” because it is so easy to understand and put it into action – So if you have not read the book jet… Go get it and you will have a more fun life ;o) Merry Christmas Everyone ~ I hope you all will have your own little wish come true xx

  14. Patricia is one of my idealist teacher, she has not only taught us how to turn around our lives to live it to the fullest but also how to enjoy every moment of it…. The wonderful book of Ordering from the Cosmic Kitchen is one of my very favourite books and I would soon be also conducting a workshop on it to let my students know and be aware of how to be sure to find what they are looking for…. Thank You once again Patricia for bringing a really meaningful change in my life…

    Ashna Ddhannak
    Heal Your Life Workshop Leader – Dubai UAE

  15. T.J. Norris says:

    This book is such a source for me in my career. I not only hold cosmic kitchen workshops, as a life coach I give my clients a copy and it is a great way of getting to know them and uncovering issues. I thank Patricia for this book of wonderful insights. T.J. Norris Phoenix Arizona

  16. I have read the Cosmic Kitchen book many times and I love it, This is my favourite book, it is easy to understand yet is very powerful at the same time. I love teaching the Cosmic Kitchen Workshop and give out a copy to al students and to my Life Coaching clients. Everyone has had such wonderful experiences after reading this book. I highly recommend the book and the workshop to those who are ready to change their lives to live the life “they really really want”. Patricia Crane really knows how to get the message across and makes it so easy to understand. Thank you Patricia for your book.

  17. It has been a pleasure to translate the spanish version of Patricia’s book !!! Recently my husband told me to give him a copy to begin to practice what Patricia shares in the book. He even bought a journal after reading it to continue doing affirmations, and told me that the book was great !!! and he is not the type of man who practice spiritual stuff.
    For me, it is one of my favourites in the list, easy reading, wise, funny, profound statements and lots of techniques to practice. Thank you ever Patricia for this amazing job!!!!

  18. Usha Chudasama says:

    I love the simplicity (yet profound) use of the book that has changed my life. I particularly loved the step-by-step approach of writing affirmations with suggestions to write your thoughts as you write your affirmation because that can bring up limiting beliefs to work on…using this approach has uncovered much and if you want to change your life, this is a really ‘grounded’ and thorough way of doing it.

  19. Linda Enyeart says:

    Patricia has written a wonderful book that shows you how simple and easy it is to not only take charge of your life, but to manifest everything you have ever wanted. Patricia’s book, Ordering From the Cosmic Kitchen, explains the importance of being really clear about and knowing what you want, how to ask for it and watching it appear. You will be in for great miracles once you put her principals into practice. She show us that sometimes the things we ask for show up in ways we could not have ever imagined.

  20. Grainne O'Kane says:

    Hi I loved the Cosmic Kitchen, it is a wonderful, easy to read and down to earth and has real life stories that I could relate to. I love the blank pages to write in. I also love Patricia’s humour really full of laughter.

  21. Helene Albright says:

    I was introduced to Patricia’s book “Ordering from the Cosmic Kitchen” when I took the Heal Your Life Teacher Training. Patricia has made it so easy and inviting to use this philosophy. I have used the teachings from this book not only in my own life to achive goals but also have been successful in using it to help others. The book is very inspiring.

  22. I really love Patricia’s book “Ordering from the Cosmic Kitchen”. It is just awesome. Patricia has written this book in a simple, lucid style. The idea of a Cosmic Kitchen and the examples that follow makes this whole cosmic process so easy to understand. The personal stories in the books are very inspiring. I have used the ideas from this book during my workshops and for my own benefits.

  23. I definitely love this book. Ordering from the Cosmic Kitchen is a fun and easy read and it explains the affirmation process very well. I hope someday there will also become a Dutch translation available because I would love to give the book away to friends and clients.

  24. Nancy Newman says:

    I love this book!! It is by far the easiest to understand to learn how to do affirmations correctly! I use this book in my Heal Your Life workshops, and give a copy to everyone. I frequently use it as Christmas presents. I refer to “Ordering from the Cosmic Kitchen” as the Bible of Affirmations! Thank you, Patricia, for creating this wonderful book!

  25. Lynn meadowcroft says:

    Ordering From the Cosmic Kitchen is an amazing book!!! It is so easy to read and I just couldn’t put it down!!! It has inspired me so much. It covers just about everything!!! And there are some fabulous affirmations and visualisations. I now know that I can acheive my dreams!! This book is indeed food for the soul. Thankyou so much Patricia.

    Lynn Meadowcroft
    Heal Your Life Workshop Leader – Bolton, UK

  26. I loved the book! It explains everything in words anyone understands, and it gives realistic examples! I hope that it will be translated in Dutch at some stage, as I am sure people would love it!

  27. Dr. Karen Maxwell says:

    This is not just another book about affirmations. It is a practical guide for those familiar and new to creating the life they truly want. Love it and you will too!

  28. Dimple Arora says:

    What a wonderful book! Ordering from the Cosmic Kitchen is one of those books that you will start and can’t put down until you’re done! It’s highly motivational, filled with down to earth real life examples. This book will make you realize that you really can order from the universe and create the exceptional life that you desire and deserve!

  29. I love the everyday metaphor that Patricia brings alive, with affirming/manifesting being as easy and fluid as the step-by-step process of ordering a meal. With a fun flair, your affirmations will begin to flow with greater ease as you apply the principles of Cosmic Kitchen in your own life. I am truly honored to have Patricia as a mentor and thrilled to have her praise my own book, ‘Rock Your Overwhelm.’ Open your world one page at a time!

  30. I have read it more than once and passed copies on to others. I love how it makes complex metaphysical concepts so easy to understand in a clear, common sense way.
    In addition the chef is adorable and looks so familiar…

  31. Patricia’s book “Ordering from the Cosmic Kitchen” has been a valuable tool to use in the workshops I offer. All of my participants love it and often comment how “user friendly” it is, inspirational, and life-changing. Patricia writes from her heart and her passionate desire to make a difference in people’s lives comes through clearly. As a psychotherapist, I often use her book for my clients to gain further insight about themselves and to assist them in feeling empowered that they truly can manifest what the want from the Cosmic Kitchen!
    Rhoda Reilly, LCSW, CHT

  32. Rosemarybaguley says:

    What an amazing book I carry it everywhere,referring to it and sharing with my clients and
    fri ends thank you Patricia

  33. Val Howard says:

    I love this book! It was easy to read, and I love the way the reader becomes involved as a participant. It’s great to look back on my handwritten notes in the book 12 months down the track and and reflect. Certainly a book I am very happy to recommend to others! Thanks Patricia xx

  34. Doyle Ward says:

    This book is amazing! “Ordering From the Cosmic Kitchen” is a must read for anyone serious about using affirmations and creating a wonderful life. This is certainly a book you will want to read again and again! Thank you Patricia for this clear and powerful manual for making dreams come true.